Friday, November 5, 2010

Arctos: Canadian Vehicle

In vehicle studio, the current assignment is to create a vehicle that somehow embodies 'Canadian-ness' and represents the country's personality.  After working on finding what exactly makes Canada unique and hitting on several characteristics, I started developing a vehicle which can tread through a variety of Canadian environments; namely the arctic tundra.  With 20 inches of ground clearance and a 4-tread system, virtually no weather or terrain will stand in Arctos' path.  I'll be starting a 1:5 scale clay model this upcoming week - more posts to come.

ballpoint pen / chartpak markers / photoshop cs3


  1. This Is awesome! I'm stoked to see how it turns out and the progress of it all! Hope everything is going well! Keep in touch! -Jasmin.

  2. Hey thanks Jasmin! I'm excited too! haha it's starting to take shape now though.